No Carbs?! No Way!

Yep. That was my first reaction to the idea of a ketogenic diet too but believe me it is actually possible.

So, let’s be honest from the start, the name of this blog is no lie – I love carbs. Love them. If people talked about spirit food groups rather than spirit animals mine would be carbohydrates. Well, this was the case up until the end of May 2017.  At that point, I knew I needed to make a change to my lifestyle.

Putting my story into context. I have been managing an ongoing injury for about 4 years and the effects really changed the way I live my life. A fracture in my spine and a cyst on my spinal cord meant that, for a long period of time, I really lost control of my body. I was no longer able to exercise and, for me, that was how I controlled my weight. I went from high intensity resistance training 5-6 times a week to not being able to handle any impact, compression or rotation in my back whatsoever. It was a rough journey and coming to terms with this change took time. Needless to say over these 4 years my body changed . . . a lot. Keto was a way of me trying to take back the control I had lost as well as getting healthier and liking my body again.

So why on earth would I choose a diet that would end my deep rooted life long love affair with my starchy soulmate? Put simply – my boyfriend was doing it. He’d been doing it for a while and I’d seen how much he enjoyed it as well as the impact on his body (he’s one of those super athletic body is temple people) and I started reading about what the diet entailed and its benefits and thought ‘why not’.

That was two months ago and in that time I have not looked back. And that is what this blog is about – if I can do it anyone can! I’m no nutritionist (important research and  information will be linked to) but I can tell you how I have managed to stick to the keto straight and narrow while still feeling satisfied, full and enjoying food.



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