Halloumi Fries

Last week, I was lucky enough to visit the Royal Welsh Show – one of the biggest agricultural shows in Europe. It’s was tons of fun and I got to meet new friends, like the ones above. One of my favourite parts of the day was looking at the amazing produce that was on offer from across the country. Now, I use the word ‘looking’ deliberately as there were many, many delicious foodstuffs there that were definitely not keto friendly! My willpower was truly tested walking past the countless stalls offering brownies, ice cream, cake, etc. This discipline was rewarded though when I found the Defaid Dolwerdd Dairy Sheep cheese counter and their delicious, sheep milk only, cheese. All their cheeses were gorgeous but what really stood out was their ‘Halwmi’. The Mr and I don’t get on well with cow’s milk products and I’ve searched for halloumi that doesn’t contain cow’s milk with no success and here it was! Not only that, they offered it in 3 flavours; original, mint and chilli.

So, what to make with such delicious and precious ingredients? This cheese needed nothing doing to it, it would be beautiful just fried but being a former carb queen I needed to channel my inner carboholic. The answer? Chips! Or fries for the non-brits. Where I’m from, cheese on chips is standard so what if this time the chips were cheese…

I’ve never made these before and I wasn’t sure if they would work out but holy moly they were amazing. I’m sure that had a lot to do with the incredible produce but if you can’t get your hands on Defaid Dolwerdd Halwmi I’m sure you’ll get great results using any good quality halloumi.

I made turkey burgers in aubergine buns to go with the fries but I’ll just concentrate on the haloumi fries recipe for this post. 


  • Halloumi cheese
  • 150g ground almonds
  • Oil for frying

1. Slice the cheese into sticks about 1cm wide (thicker also works but no thinner or they go a bit rubbery). I managed to get 10 sticks from each block of cheese.

2. Place the sticks of cheese in a bowl of ground almonds. You may want to season the almond but avoid using salt, the cheese is very salty on its own. I would recommend a teaspoon of garlic granules or paprika if you want some added flavour.

3. Turn the cheese gently in the ground almonds and it will start to ahere to the sticks. Make sure all the sticks are well covered. I prepared the halloumi a few hours in advance and stored them in the fridge. When it came to cooking, the sticks had a thick layer of ground almond on them so if you have time, letting them sit in the fridge could give your fries a better coating.

4. To cook, heat about 0.5cm of oil in a frying pan (I used rapeseed) and when it’s hot place the fries in carefully. The oil will bubble and some of the almond mixture will come off in the oil.

5. Let the fries cook on a high heat for a couple of minutes before carefully turning and cooking for a further couple of minutes on the other side. The fires need space to cook so you may need to cook them in batches depending on how many you are cooking and how big the frying pan is. Speaking from experience, it really hurts when the oil spatters – please be careful/more sensible than me.

6. When the sticks are browned remove them from the oil and serve!

Let me know how you get on in the comments section. 

Happy eating!

D x


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